Ability Action Australia

NDIS Therapeutic Supports Provider

At Ability Action Australia, we’re here to help you get what you want out of life. Our work together starts with a plan.

  1. Engage with our concierge service
    Call 1800 238 958 and we’ll discuss your needs and decide together how Ability Action Australia can help you.
  2. Meet your clinician
    We will work together to assess your needs and work through your goals under the plan. A service agreement will be developed and agreed on.
  3. Swing into action
    The plan that we’ve created is now in action. Our range of services will help you get more out of life today.
  4. Review your goals and decide what’s next
    We have achieved the initial goals. Now we need to work through what’s next and how, or if, Ability Action Australia can provide you with further support.

No matter which NDIS therapy service you need from Ability Action Australia, when we work with you we are always:

A hand holding the Ability Action Australia network icon


on respect, care and inclusion in every part of our service

Holding hands


with you and your team to make a positive impact in your life today

Clipboard with ticks


and developing a plan just for you and your needs

Speech bubbles


on your behalf for long-lasting and meaningful community connections



the energy to reach your full potential and achieve your goals

A person surrounded by a group of people


you to achieve a meaningful and positive life

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