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NDIS Occupational Therapy Driving Service

Driving is a way of life in Australia, especially if you live in an area where you can’t get by without a car. Hitting the road also offers freedom and independence, so it’s understandable that many of us want to get our licence and keep driving for as long as possible.

Ability Action Australia has introduced a new Occupational Therapy Driving Service in Western Australia that supports NDIS participants with all their driving and transport needs.

Our NDIS therapy services go beyond traditional driving lessons. Our occupational therapist driving instructors are here to empower you with the skills, confidence, and tools needed to navigate the roads safely and independently. Keep reading to discover how our approach can make a positive impact in your driving journey.

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Our occupational therapy driving service offers:

  • Occupational therapy driving assessments
    Our qualified driving instructor assesses your fitness to drive, to allow you to begin or return to driving, and to keep you driving for as long as it’s safe to do so. The assessment has two parts: an on-road assessment and an off-road assessment. Driving assessments are useful for: first time and learner drivers; drivers with a disability or medical condition that may affect their driving; and drivers who are returning to driving following an injury or medical condition that may require a vehicle modification.
  • Driver rehabilitation and training
    As a result of the occupational therapy driving assessment, you may need driving lessons to regain confidence in driving, to update your driving skills, or to learn techniques to compensate for any gaps. We provide specialised driver training to support you to either obtain a driver licence, or maintain your ability to drive safely, independently and legally.
  • Ergonomic vehicle assessments
    We set up your vehicle appropriately to ensure that it correctly meets your needs and is comfortable and safe. This will help with the best driving posture and improve your driving performance.
  • Passenger assessments and vehicle modifications, including for wheelchair accessible vehicles.
    Our occupational therapy driving services also help people who don’t drive but who want to be safe in a vehicle. This may involve the trialling of various wheelchair accessible vans and modifications, such as hoists or lifts, to suit your needs. We’ll send a detailed report to the referrer and the NDIA.
  • Medico legal reporting for your local driver licensing authority or employer. Following a positive assessment, we can provide documentation to show that you’re medically fit to drive.


Our Driving Occupational Therapists

Leading this service is Jen Blaxill, an experienced and registered driver trained occupational therapist based in Perth. She’s completed specialised post-graduate training so that she can conduct driving assessments, and for the past few years Jen has worked exclusively in driving and vehicle modifications.

Highly-trained occupational therapist’s like Jen are the only health professionals qualified to conduct a practical on-road driving assessment of how a person’s disability or medical condition impacts their capacity to drive.

Our team of driver trained occupational therapists understand how important driving is to your life, and we’re committed to keeping you driving for as long as possible.

 Why Occupational Therapy Driving Services Are So Important

Driving is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B – it’s a gateway to enhanced independence and freedom, especially for individuals with disabilities. Our Occupational Therapy Driving Services at Ability Action Australia extend beyond conventional therapy. By gaining the ability to drive, NDIS participants open doors to newfound autonomy, improved employment prospects, and enhanced engagement in School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) programs

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NDIS Occupational Therapy Driving Service Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational therapy driving services encompass a range of assessments, interventions, and training delivered by skilled occupational therapists. These NDIS services are tailored to individuals seeking to gain, regain or enhance their driving skills and capabilities. By assessing physical, cognitive, and visual aptitudes crucial for safe driving, occupational therapy NDIS driving lessons pave the way for improved road readiness.

Occupational therapy driving services extend their advantages to individuals whose driving abilities have been impacted by medical conditions, injuries, or disabilities. Driving rehabilitation occupational therapy services are also particularly beneficial for those with physical impairments, neurological disorders, visual limitations, or cognitive difficulties.

Throughout an occupational therapy driving assessment, a qualified therapist conducts a thorough evaluation of the individual’s physical, cognitive, and visual proficiencies in relation to driving. The assessment may involve a combination of tests, interviews, and on-road evaluations. By meticulously identifying specific challenges, this assessment not only gauges the individual’s readiness to drive but also highlights the necessity for adaptive equipment or modifications, if applicable.

Adaptive equipment utilised in occupational therapy driving services encompasses a diverse array of devices and modifications designed to facilitate secure vehicle operation. Examples of such equipment include hand controls for acceleration and braking, steering aids for enhanced control, pedal extensions to accommodate specific needs, wheelchair lifts for accessible entry, and modified seating systems to ensure comfort and safety.

For further insights into our occupational therapy driving services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or phone 1800 238 958.

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