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Positive Behaviour Support: Strategies & Plans

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Ability Action Australia supports individuals who experience challenging behaviours by developing tailored strategies that support positive behaviours. Along with equipping people with the skills they need for daily living, our NDIS Positive Behaviour Support plans foster independent development and enhance the wellbeing of participants.

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What is a Positive Behaviour Support plan?

A Positive Behaviour Support plan is designed to improve the quality of life for people who display challenging behaviours. The focus is always on the participant, working in collaboration with their support network to develop a tailored plan to address challenging behaviour. Positive Behaviour Support plans reveal the causes of challenging behaviour and outline strategies to address them. These strategies can include learning new skills or making adjustments to a participant’s routine or environment.


Why are Positive Behaviour Support strategies important?

Positive Behaviour Support plans not only address challenging behaviours in individuals, but provide long term solutions to enhance a participant’s quality of life. Ability Action Australia’s approach to support positive behaviour respects an individual’s rights while enabling them to participate fully in social activities and relationships. Positive reinforcement and skill building are two ways that can address challenging behaviours, foster healthy relationships and increase a person’s participation in daily activities.

To find out more about our NDIS Positive Behaviour Support services, contact our friendly Concierge team on 1800 238 958 or hello@abilityactionaustralia.com.au .

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Achieve your goals

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners will develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals, whether that’s improved communication and social skills, safe methods of response to unsafe behaviours, stress and anger management, and more.

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Local behaviour support

Our local Behaviour Support Practitioners will come to you. Or you can come to us. It’s easy. Check out our locations page to see if we have a practitioner in your local area. Then call to make an appointment. It’s that simple.

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Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary care is when a team of health professionals with different skills collaborate to support as many of your needs as possible. Our multidisciplinary team can support you reach your goals!

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NDIS Positive Behaviour Support Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the primary benefits of a Positive Behaviour Support plan is reducing the number of instances in which individuals display challenging behaviour. Strategies to support positive behaviour can also lead to increased engagement in social activities, improved communication and healthier relationships. Effective Positive Behaviour Support strategies also encourage self regulation and resilience, boosting an individual’s confidence.

There are a number of different Positive Behaviour Support strategies that may be implemented as part of a PBS plan, including:

  • Routine adjustments: Altering elements of a person’s routine can be the change that shapes new, positive behaviours 
  • Environment modifications: Changing parts of an individual’s setting provides them with a fresh perspective

Positive Behaviour Support plans are beneficial for anyone who experiences instances of challenging behaviour. These occurrences may interfere with daily living, social interactions or relationship building.

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NDIS Positive Behaviour Support

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