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Explore exciting Behaviour Support Practitioner roles and career opportunities.

If you have a genuine passion for empowering people, and you’re eager to learn and advance your Behaviour Support career, then Ability Action Australia is the place for you. Together, we are all about supporting NDIS participants to ‘get more out of life today’.

Working together, building on our culture of care and collaboration, we empower our people to support each other and provide the best possible service to our participants. From our transformative quality assurance processes to professional development opportunities and meaningful benefits, we have created a supportive environment where our team members thrive, and our participants ‘get more out of life today’.

Whether you’re at the core, proficient, advanced level, or leading teams, a myriad of exciting opportunities awaits you. Take the leap and embrace the next phase of your career in Behaviour Support.

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“My favourite part about my role is the consistent learning opportunities and professional development. Management really listen to our preferences and provide opportunities to develop our career.”

Mae Snelson, Behaviour Support Practitioner, WA

The benefits we enjoy

As you support and empower our NDIS participants, we ensure your work is appreciated and rewarded. Our people enjoy above-market salary packages and a stream of meaningful extra benefits and perks, including:

  • On the Move Support: a car allowance, laptop and smartphone to support you on the road.
  • Salary Packaging: take your pre-tax dollars further with access to a range of salary packaging options.
  • Novated Leasing: our team members have the option to finance their vehicle through novated leasing.
  • Learning and Development: access ongoing professional development aligned to your Behaviour Support Practitioner role and career goals. Sharpen and cultivate your skills through ongoing training sessions and seminars.
  • Career Opportunities and Progression: seize opportunities to move within and across our family of businesses to broaden your skills, experience and support your career progression.
  • Flexibility: we have embraced flexibility and agile working, allowing you to balance your work with the rest of your life.
  • Uplifting Culture: positive, supportive, collaborative workplaces where we develop close relationships, trust and empower our people.
  • And so much more.

Interesting, challenging work that makes a real difference

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners work closely with NDIS participants of all ages, supporting them to reduce or eliminate behaviours of concern while fostering independence and enhanced wellbeing.

Our approach is to trust and empower our team members to manage their day. Take the initiative, be creative, and always have the courage to pitch in ideas to ensure our participants ‘get more out of life today’.

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners carry out a variety of assessments and interventions including;

  • Collecting, analysing and interpreting data on the participant’s behaviours of concern
  • Developing an understanding of the behaviour’s causes
  • Researching evidence-based strategies that will support the participant
  • Developing Interim Behaviour Support Plans and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment Reports and Progress Report
  • Teaching new skills to communicate, manage emotions and interact with others
  • Making environments more supportive like changes to daily routines or communication systems
  • Training support people how to manage behaviours of concern

Frequently Asked Questions 

Learn more about what you can expect from an Behaviour Support Practitioner career with Ability Action Australia.

Behaviour Support Practitioners work closely with NDIS participants of all ages, supporting them to reduce or eliminate behaviours of concern while fostering independence and enhanced wellbeing.

Here are a few traits that Practitioners need to possess:

  • Empathy: The ability to empathise with participants is one of the most important abilities for a Behaviour Support Practitioner. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes will support you in building rapport and trust.
  • Patience: Practitioners are often presented challenging situations that require you to understand what a participant is experiencing and apply an effective approach. It is important that you are able to handle these emotions in a mature and professional manner.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Behaviour Support Practitioners should be adept at analysing situations, identifying triggers, and developing effective strategies to address behaviours of concern.
  • Flexibility: Every individual is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Being adaptable and open to trying different strategies is important.
  • Active listening: Being attentive and fully engaged when individuals express themselves helps in gaining valuable insights into their concerns and needs.
  • Collaboration: Working collaboratively with other professionals, such as educators, therapists, and family members, enhances the overall support system for the individual.

We really do invest in our people.

  • Professional Development: Targeted training opportunities for skill and knowledge development in relation to the PBS Capability Framework led by our PBS Clinical Lead.
  • Clinical Supervision: Regular individual and group supervision sessions led by our dedicated PBS Clinical Lead, as well as multi-disciplinary case consultations to enhance the effectiveness of participant support.
  • Comprehensive Induction Program: Structured induction program, led by the PBS Clinical Lead, to support Practitioners in achieving PBS Capability Framework Core Competency and the necessary foundation knowledge to deliver a compliant service.
  • Leadership Mentor Program: Our parent company MedHealth offers unique opportunities for progression along with our Leadership Mentoring Program.

If you are interested in exploring a Behaviour Support Practitioner career with Ability Action Australia,  email us at careers@abilityactionaustralia.com.au, or call our Talent Acquisition Team Leader Nicole Luland on 0429 697 806.

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