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We’re proud to partner with thousands of people from across Australia and support them to get more out of life today. Whether it’s living in their own home for the first time ever, accessing supports to improve mobility and gain more freedom, or meeting daily needs more safely, the NDIS participants that we work with are seeking to reach a goal that is important to them. These are some of their stories.

Connecting Participants to Community Through Employment

Employment Pathways Having a meaningful job impacts multiple aspects of an individuals wellbeing. It can provide them with healthy self-esteem, enough money to live on, and a sense of purpose and belonging. Our Employment Team supports participants into fulfilling employment pathways. Reimagining Purpose Through Employment In February 2023, Occupational Therapist, Jessica Milne met with a […]

Early Intervention for Lifetime Outcomes

“The Key Worker program is amazing!” These words resonate deeply with parents who have experienced the invaluable support and guidance offered by dedicated Key Workers like Geni at Ability Action Australia. This remarkable program has been instrumental in transforming the lives of countless families, empowering children to overcome developmental challenges and prepare for formal education. […]

Overcoming obstacles: Dylan’s journey to employment

With the right support and determination, autistic people can overcome barriers and achieve remarkable success. Dylan’s inspiring story is a testament to the power of persistence and the transformative impact of having dedicated support systems. Discover how he overcame barriers and now has full-time employment with Containers for Change.

‘The sky is the limit’: Jack reaches his goal to run again

Jack lost his leg below the knee following a workplace accident that led to a severe infection. With the support of Ability Action Australia’s multidisciplinary team of allied health practitioners including occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, and physiotherapists, he has been able to acclimatise to his new prosthetic and regain the ability to walk.

Exercise sessions put a spring back in Jan’s step

The team of Exercise Physiologists at Ability Action Australia know how to harness the power of exercise to help the body and mind. They also know that everyone is different, which is why they provide customised exercise programs to suit different needs. This is certainly the case for Jan, a 65-year-old, from Innaloo, WA – read her story to learn how we might help you!

Twins go from strength to strength

Our Sydney-based Occupational Therapist and Team Leader Mary Vargas has been working with autistic identical twins Ali and Abraham for four years. During that time the two of them have made substantial progress, going from strength to strength. Since they started, both have improved their playing, learning and self-care skills by leaps and bounds!

Collaboration – and Zoom – make change possible

Our team of Occupational Therapists will often adapt the way we provide support, giving us more flexibility in how we carry out your NDIS support plan and helping us overcome obstacles. Learn how telehealth and our nationwide team have allowed us to expand our reach and support participants like Peter.

Financial autonomy returned

With the support of Ability Action Australia’s occupational therapists, Julia now has the skills and confidence to manage her own finances, plan for the future, and take charge of her life – something she never had the opportunity to do before. Read on to learn how we we were able to reach these huge milestones!

Marathon wait ends in green light for wheelchair ramp

Jeanette and her family have received a tremendous boost with the long-awaited news that an indispensable wheelchair ramp will be installed at the entrance of their Sydney home. NDIS home modifications such as this can have a dramatic impact on quality of life for NDIS participants.

Sensory toys donation helps Daniel with his independence

Our OTs are always on the lookout for ways to make a difference to the lives of participants, even when this seems unachievable. In many cases, this can mean prescribing novel and out-of-the-box supports. Daniel’s story is a great example of how creative thinking can lead to better support!

A good night’s sleep for all with new pressure care mattress

Occupational therapy can provide support in a number of different areas. This month Dania will sleep in her own bed for the first time ever, after a successful trial of a pressure care mattress that both actively heals her pressure sores and offers a comfortable sleep surface.

Colin improves by leaps and bounds

Colin, 52, suffered a stroke in 2016 that left him with paralysis down the right side of his body as well as significant pain and fatigue when walking. Since starting Exercise Physiology just three months ago, Colin has made giant strides in his recovery, already conquering one goal and is moving onto the next.

A long road, but a better life is waiting for Petra

After spending nine long years in a mental health unit of a Sydney hospital, Petra engaged with Ability Action Australia through the NDIS. Now she is finally set to move into supported housing in the community, where she can begin to improve her quality of life.

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