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Parents and Disability Carer Support

NDIS support for parents of children with disabilities

Our clinicians are fully committed to family-based collaborative care, where we work closely with children, parents, carers and their support workers to develop and action individualised programs that work.

We want you and your child to contribute to the therapy process as equal partners. Our clinicians are experts in helping children with the skills needed for daily living, and parents have the expert knowledge of their child that can help us do our job more effectively.

As partners, we can combine our areas of expertise to develop a fully tailored occupational therapy program for your child that results in a positive and lasting impact on their life.

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How we support you and your child

At Ability Action Australia, we support parents and carers in a variety of ways to put you at ease and achieve the best possible outcomes. These involve:


Know your entitlements: The NDIS can be a confusing system to navigate. Some families aren’t aware of what they’re entitled to under their NDIS parenting support plan. For instance, many families aren’t aware that if you’re over five years of age, you’re entitled to continence products free of charge. We unpack the terminology used in your NDIS plan in simple terms so that you know exactly what you’re entitled to.


Family-centred care: Parents and carers are treated with respect, and partner with us in the care of their child. You are fully involved in the decision-making process around your child’s needs, goals and treatment. We also work closely with support workers.


Education: We help you understand the therapies we have chosen for your child, and why. We teach you how to implement a therapy on a daily basis, so that you can consolidate these skills and further enhance your child’s performance in day to day tasks.

Stick with you until you reach your goal

Stick with you: We keep working with you and your child until they’ve reached their functional goals and your family is satisfied with the outcomes we’ve achieved together. Depending on the funding in your NDIS family support plan, we can work with young people for short or longer periods, to help them maximise their independence.

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Why choose us?

We value simplicity in our methods, and long-term partnerships based on trust and credibility. Collaboration is also a core strength, so that we work through your goals as a team, while acknowledging that you know your needs best.

Choose us and benefit:


Achieve your goals

We deliver NDIS therapeutic, positive behaviour and employment supports to help you meet your NDIS goals. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and then deliver the outcomes you desire.

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Local professionals

Our local clinicians will come to you. Or you can come to us. It’s easy. Check out our locations page to see if we have a clinician in your local area. Then call to make an appointment. It’s that simple.

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Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary care is when a team of health professionals with different skills collaborate to support as many of your needs as possible. Our multidisciplinary team can support you reach your goals!

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NDIS therapeutic, positive behaviour and employment supports

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of supporting people with permanent and significant disability. The NDIS is designed to give individuals greater choice and control over when, where and how their funded supports are provided. The specific support and funding available is based on each individual’s specific needs. You can find out more about what therapeutic supports are funded by referring to the NDIS website.

Ability Action Australia provides therapeutic, positive behaviour and employment supports across Australia.

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