Ability Action Australia

NDIS Therapeutic Supports Provider

At Ability Action Australia, we want to be clear with you from the outset about our fees and charges, so that you always know what to expect.

Hourly rates

We charge for all our clinicians at the NDIS gazetted rate. The hourly rates are:

  • Occupational Therapy: $193.99
  • Exercise Physiology: $166.99 (inc GST)
  • Physiotherapy:
    • $193.99 (in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT)
    • $224.62 (in WA, SA, TAS and NT)
  • Speech Pathology: $193.99
  • Psychology:
    • $214.41 (in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT)
    • $234.83 (in WA, SA, TAS and NT)
  • Positive Behaviour Support:
    • Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support: $214.41 (in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT) and $234.83 (in WA, SA, TAS and NT)
    • Behaviour Management Plan: $193.99
  • Employment-related Assessment and Counselling: $193.99
  • School Leaver Employment Support: $158.00

Travel costs

We are predominantly a mobile service, with a large network of clinicians attending people’s homes to deliver services. We also have clinics in each state. This means that you can choose whether to attend one of our local clinics, or have our clinician come to your home.

If you choose to attend one of our clinics, there will be no travel cost charged to you.

If our clinician is coming to your home, you will be charged a reasonable travel cost. This means we will:

  • Match you to a local clinician, with appropriate skills and experience for your condition, who will charge for travel in line with the MMM zone you are based in
  • Discuss the travel charges with you and outline them in your Service Agreement
  • Split travel costs where we can, by providing therapy to other people who live in the same area as you either before or after your therapy session
  • Talk to you about how you can save on travel costs and answer any other questions you may have

The aim of these steps is to provide you with greater choice and control in how and where you receive your services.

We welcome the chance to talk with you about how we charge for services. Please contact our friendly concierge team on 1800 238 958 to ask us any questions prior to and while you are receiving services from Ability Action Australia.

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