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Ramp at the entrance to a building to enable a disabled wheelchair user to access itJeanette and her family have received a tremendous boost with the long-awaited news that an indispensable NDIS wheelchair ramp will be installed at the entrance of their Sydney home.

Her father first sought funding for the ramp three years ago, to help him wheel Jeanette, 29, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, in and out of their home for crucial access to her day care program.

But the providers he approached weren’t able to secure the necessary funds for NDIS home modifications, so he’s been lifting his daughter in her wheelchair up and down the front steps, despite the safety risks of such a load, each working day for years.

In March this year he got in touch with Ability Action Australia, and was referred to Simone, one of our friendly Occupational Therapists. She was determined to make the family’s lives easier.

“It’s unsafe to lift someone in a wheelchair but Jeanette needs to be able to access her community during the week, so she has opportunities for social interactions and outings,” Simone says.

“Her dad also has to work, so that community access is crucial for the whole family’s wellbeing. I really wanted to make a difference in their daily lives.”

Simone contacted several companies for quotes, with the cheapest being $27,000 for the installation of the ramp in the front yard. After reviewing the quotes and speaking with Simone, the NDIA approved the wheelchair ramp in August.

She was thrilled with the news, as was Jeanette’s family.

“I think they were surprised because they’d been awaiting this outcome for such a long time, but nothing had come of it,” she says.

“It was quite a process but I’m really glad for them, after so long having to do without.”


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