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Allied health practitioner performing physiotherapy functional assessment with client in bright well-lit roomOur NDIS-registered Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to support participants living with a broad range of conditions across paediatric, pain, neurological, musculoskeletal and mental health areas.

They can help to improve movement and function, treat and reduce pain and make everyday tasks easier by providing lifestyle advice and prescribing exercises and aids, helping people get more out of life.

Physiotherapists also use assessments support, such as a Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA). These physiotherapy functional assessments help practitioners build a bigger picture of the participant’s condition and their subsequent needs.

What is the role of a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are allied health professionals trained to identify a range of needs and recommend appropriate funded and mainstream supports. Working within a multi-disciplinary environment, they assess and treat people of all ages.

Our team of qualified Physiotherapists, who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency, can treat and manage developmental delays in children, pain, incontinence, neurological conditions, chronic diseases, stroke and rehabilitation after surgery.

Tailored treatments can include exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles, muscle re-education to improve control and advice, and assistance with the use of mobility aids, such as walking sticks and wheelchairs.

Ability Action Australia’s Physiotherapists can also conduct person-centred and comprehensive NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment services to gain an understanding of what a client is experiencing and how to best support them.

What is a Functional Capacity Assessment? The role a physiotherapy functional assessment plays in your NDIS journey

Functional Capacity Assessments, often shortened to FCA, are used by allied health professionals to get a picture of what’s going on and what’s next for participants. Our teams carry out a physiotherapy functional assessment to ensure participants like you have the right level of support and NDIS funding to achieve their goals.

FCA assessments include a face-to-face component, communication with involved parties (with consent and where required) before a report is provided to the participant and the NDIS. The aim of a FCA is to assist with decisions made regarding the type and level of funding and supports under a NDIS plan.

Ability Action Australia professionals are trained to ensure they conduct objective assessments using standardised measures where required. Taking into account the individual’s function, supports and their daily living, vocational and community abilities, and aspirations.

FCAs are just one of the many assessments allied health professionals use. Other assessments include Psychosocial Functional Capacity Assessments, Support Disability Accommodation Assessments and Supported Independent Living Assessments.

FCAs are predominantly carried out by Occupational Therapists under the NDIA at the request of a participant, family member, advocate, Local Area Coordinator or any other involved party. However, physiotherapists can also utilise FCAs.

Why do physiotherapists carry out Functional Capacity Assessments?

When we recommend a physiotherapist for a FCA, it’s simply because the primary disability of the participant may be suited to assessment by a Physiotherapist.

For example, if a participant is living with a neurological condition, like Parkinson’s disease, our Physiotherapists may have a better understanding of the specific condition, its effect on the body and the subsequent supports required.

Our Physiotherapists are supported by our Report Quality Assurance (RQA) team that ensure reports are comprehensive, address the NDIS criteria and are clinically supported.

Contact our NDIS-registered physiotherapists to start your NDIS journey

If you feel you could benefit from the support of a physiotherapy session, get in touch with Ability Action Australia today. We’ll collaborate closely with you to assess your needs and work through your goals together. Contact our friendly concierge service on 1800 238 958 or complete the request contact form and we’ll contact you at a time that suits.


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