Ability Action Australia

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Alison McIlveen

Alison McIlveen

Position: General Manager

Alison has been an Occupational Therapist for close to 15 years, working in various clinical and managerial positions within and outside the MedHealth group (the parent company of Ability Action Australia).

Alison works closely with other key leaders within Ability Action Australia to ensure services to NDIS participants are appropriate and of the highest possible standard.

Her broader experience includes:

  • Managing rehabilitation and health services for specific populations, including Veterans and individuals with significant health and wellbeing challenges
  • Developing systems and frameworks to deliver nationally consistent services that align with relevant standards and legislation
  • Leading projects and initiatives that drive improved standards of practice for individuals experiencing barriers to their health and wellbeing
  • Managing teams and mentoring others in their allied health career development
  • Delivering client-centred and best practice evidence-based care to individuals with a myriad of health conditions and impairments

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