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Chelsey, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Chelsey Ladgrove

Position: Behaviour Support Practitioner - Brisbane

Chelsey is a Behaviour Support Practitioner with a strong background in the forensic and mental health fields. With a focus on working with adult males, she has developed extensive expertise in supporting individuals with intellectual disability, mental illness, self-harm tendencies, substance abuse issues and a history of violence.

Chelsey’s has experience assessing clients and implementing strategies to modify anti-social and pro-criminal behaviours, with the ultimate goal of promoting behavioural change and facilitating positive outcomes.

Her previous work in the correctional setting with non-voluntary clients has equipped her with exceptional skills in engaging individuals with complex needs. She understands the challenges and potential apprehensions clients may have when engaging with a practitioner.

With a strong background in forensic and mental health fields, Chelsey possesses a deep understanding of the complex factors that contribute to challenging behaviours. She is adept at:

  • Conducting comprehensive assessments
  • Analysing risk factors
  • Developing tailored interventions

“I love supporting participants to live their best life. It means a lot to play a role in helping to increase their confidence and independence,” she says.

Chelsey is supporting NDIS participants across North Brisbane.


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