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Denise, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Denise Alves dos Santos

Position: Behaviour Support Practitioner - Central Coast

Denise has a strong background in education and disability support, and brings diverse experience to her role. Since last year, Denise has been working as a Behaviour Support Practitioner. In her previous role, she supported participants of all ages, living with their families or in supported living accommodation.

Prior to this, Denise worked in early childhood education and care services. For 7 years she served as an assistant educator, working closely with children diagnosed with autism and ADHD, implementing allied health practitioners’ plans with precision and care.

Denise also spent over 2 years as a temporary and casual school teacher with the Department of Education and Training in NSW. This role led her to working in remote communities and smaller schools, catering to a diverse range of students. She adeptly supported students with PTSD diagnoses, Down syndrome, autism, and ADHD. She also worked for public schools in rural areas, where in additional to the diagnoses as above, she also taught students with physical disabilities, and utilised innovative ICT equipment to facilitate communication. In her current role, Denise can provide support by:

  • Completing assessments to understand behaviours and needs
  • Develop and implement individualised behaviour support plans
  • Provide education and training on how to manage behaviour

“I love that I have meaningful work, and to feel that I am making a positive difference (even if small) in someone’s life, and to help them feel heard” she says.

Denise is excited to be supporting participants in the Central Coast.


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