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Julian, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Julian Tan

Position: Behaviour Support Practitioner - Queensland

Julian is a Behaviour Support Practitioner with a deep commitment to understanding and empowering individuals. Beginning his career in Singapore, he worked as an Assistant Educator at St Andrew’s Autism Centre, assisting neurodiverse learners. He also served as a Volunteer at St Andrew’s Community Hospital.

Upon transitioning to Australia, Julian continued to broaden his expertise and passion for youth advocacy, serving as an intern with an organisation hosting workshops in schools to foster empowerment and confidence. He later held the role of Youth Worker at YMCA Vocational School, as well as Counsellor at This is A Conversation Starter, providing invaluable mental health support.

Since 2020, he has served as a dedicated Disability Support Worker, fostering independence and well-being among his clients.
Following further training in Behaviour Support last year, Julian now brings a comprehensive skill set and enthusiasm to his position as a Behaviour Support Practitioner with Ability Action Australia.

In his current role, Julian can offer support by:

  • Completing relevant assessments
  • Creating comprehensive support plans
  • Providing tailored interventions

“I love seeing people develop skills that empower them and allow them to live life with more meaning and independence” says Julian.

Julian is looking forward to supporting NDIS participants across South East Brisbane.


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