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Sharron, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Sharron Middleton

Position: Behaviour Support Practitioner - Melbourne

Sharron is a dedicated Behaviour Support Practitioner at Ability Action Australia. Her career path reflects a deep commitment to supporting people and creating positive change.

Beginning her journey at the Department of Transport, Sharron spent a decade as a Senior Policy Analyst, where she played a pivotal role in shaping impactful policies. Transitioning into direct support roles, Sharron has worked as a Disability Support Worker, working with individuals to improve their quality of life. She has also recently worked as a Mental Health Support Worker, which has further solidified her passion for mental health advocacy and person-centred care. She says “I learn so much from every client”.

In addition to her professional roles, Sharron is deeply involved in volunteer work. As an independent third person, she provides support to individuals with mental disabilities during police interviews, ensuring their rights and needs are respected. In addition to this, she also volunteers as a counsellor to work with individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. In recent years, Sharron has volunteered as a Life Line telephone support worker.

Sharron has an unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy, and has supported participants living with:

  • Anxiety, depression, addictions and trauma
  • Suicidal ideation and self-harm tendencies
  • Autism

Located in Caroline Springs, Sharron is looking forward to supporting participants across Western Melbourne.


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